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Magento Development

Allow us to skyrocket your profits and help you create the online space of your dreams. With the Nexius experts on your side, there is little preventing you from changing things around for your business. We craft the ideal online platform for your business that displays your products and their features in a way that compels customers to try them out. Enhance your revenue, widen your customer reach, and find exactly what your audience is looking for.

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We design a fully integrated tool for your business that helps your business reach a wider audience, sustain a better clientele, and maintain an ideal online shop. Say farewell to your marketing issues, as we have the solution for you – Shopware. This contemporary tool enhances your business’s overall performance and agility while also establishing top-of-the-line security. With Shopware, your business remains ahead in the world of fast-paced, steadfast businesses without a single glitch.

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Extensive data reports, large inventories, associated information, and regular updates are no longer a problem with BigCommerce. The experts at Nexius have you covered with their expertise in the field. They design and empower you to take full advantage of a significant number of impressive built-in features that help you climb one step higher (or several). BigCommerce is ideal for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to grow exponentially and become a force to be reckoned with.

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Hyvä Development

An impressive online platform no longer means big bucks. With our Nexius experts on board, build your online shop with the latest tools and tweak performance within a limited budget. Allow your customers to experience ultra-fast browsing, modern features, and fast correspondence with Hyvä. Our team helps lower the complexities on your site, improve performance, and reduce development times, thereby increasing profits profoundly.

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Shopify Development

A Cloud-based eCommerce platform, Shopify allows you to set up an ideal and successful online store without much hassle. Our experts at Nexius ensure that regardless of size and age, your business is up to the mark and leading among competitors at all times. Shopify Development will enable you to experiment and test all your ideas and themes for your business and use third-party apps without any adverse effects. Our excellent team ensures that what goes out in the open returns as profit for you and your business.

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Work with future-proof technologies

To ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients, we utilize tools to help us form advanced solutions.


ReactJS, AngularJS, HTML
Bootstrap, CSS

Magento, Shopify, Drupal,


NodeJS, Python, Firebase, Java, .Net, PHP

Dynamo, Mongo DB, MySQL,


Android, iOS, React Native,
Flutter, Kotlin, Swift

Infra & DevOps
Amazon Web Services,
Google Cloud Platform.

Software Solutions to Accelerate Growth

Nexius fulfils all the requirements and goals for the digital age by developing user- friendly and reliable eCommerce websites.

Magento & SCANDIPWA Core Contributors

Magento 2 Certified
Solution Specialist

Hyvä Technical Contributors

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