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Human Resources Executive

Gulberg, Lahore


1. Recruitment Support:

  • Assist in creating job postings and advertisements.
  • Screen resumes and applications, and schedule interviews.
  • Coordinate interview logistics and provide feedback to candidates.
  • Assist in conducting reference checks and background screenings.

2. Onboarding Assistance:

  • Help organize and prepare new employee orientation materials.
  • Support the onboarding process by assisting with paperwork and document collection.
  • Coordinate with different departments to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.
  • Provide guidance and support to new hires during their initial days.

3. HR Administration:

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date employee records and files.
  • Assist in preparing HR documents such as offer letters, employment contracts, and policy manuals.
  • Help with data entry and database management for HR systems.
  • Support the HR team in various administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings and maintaining calendars.

4. Employee Engagement:

  • Assist in organizing employee engagement activities and events.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of employee recognition programs.
  • Collaborate with the HR team to gather feedback and suggestions from employees.
  • Help maintain communication channels for employee feedback and engagement initiatives.

5. HR Projects:

  • Participate in HR projects, such as performance management, talent development, or diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Conduct research and analysis on HR-related topics.
  • Prepare presentations and reports summarizing findings and recommendations.
  • Assist in implementing and evaluating HR programs and initiatives.


  1. Education: Has a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Psychology, or a related field.
  2. Knowledge: Familiarity with basic HR principles, practices, and employment laws is preferred. Understanding of recruitment and onboarding processes is an advantage.
  3. Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to communicate professionally and effectively with employees at all levels.
  4. Organizational Skills: Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Good time management skills to meet deadlines and prioritize tasks.
  5. Confidentiality: Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive and confidential information with utmost discretion and maintain confidentiality.
  6. Technology Proficiency: Proficient in using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and comfortable working with HR software and databases.
  7. Teamwork: Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and build positive relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.
  8. Problem-solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to think critically and propose creative solutions.
  9. Adaptability: Willingness to learn and adapt to changing priorities and tasks as assigned.
  10. Ethical Conduct: Commitment to maintaining ethical standards and high professionalism in HR practices.

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