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VVS Eksperten is a Danish website that offers a wide range of products and services related to plumbing and heating.


It is a one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs, from bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances to heating systems and solar panels. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has a reputation for providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. They have a vast range of products from various brands, with competitive prices and a user-friendly website that makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. They also offer professional installation and repair services.


Web Development

What we did

Integration of Navision ERP through XML file on FTP
Integration of Hello Retail
Google product feed
Integration of Trustpilot
Integration of OneStepCheckout with Hyvä
Integration of MSI with Hyvä
Integration of Marketing Platform for Newsletters
Webpay (Custom feature required)
Cookie Banner and GDPR rules
Open street map – store view


Initially, the site was built in drupal which has its flaws or potential vulnerabilities i.e, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, inadequate user input validation, etc. Also, the speed of the website was very low in drupal. The code had very deprecated usages. Our goal was to shift the website from Drupal to Magento using the best practices. And to increase google page speed to get customers a better checkout experience and improve conversion rates.


Based on the high volume traffic for such a big merchant, a lightweight Magento theme Hyvä was proposed. It had been super hot in the market those days, but on top of that, we had to do our great work to keep the additional functionalities on the site. We started building this project in January and till mid of June 2022, we were able to replicate 95% of the website with 98 speed on Google Speed Test which was very low when we were on Drupal. 

Due to the lack of resources and knowledge on the client end, a requirement/use case document was never supplied, our team had to do the discovery phase ourselves, which was a big challenge to know the business cases of different activities and campaigns on the website. So, we checked the flow of the website with each test case scenario and tried to understand the logic written in the Drupal codebase to provide the best possible solution. No one was aware of what was written inside Drupal.

Main functionalities that we built:

  • Added attachments of all types for categories and products.
  • Custom Top Banner (Image+Text).
  • Design and logic for Mega Menu.
  • Product Slider to show on multiple places on the website.
  • Custom Email Templates with multiple logics.
  • Created around 300 CMS pages.
  • Updating everything on PDP using GraphQL.
  • Lazy loading of images on the whole website.
  • Custom logic for Tax and Shipping.
  • Custom logic for shipping and payment methods on checkout.
  • Custom logic for status and delivery messages on PDP and Checkout page.
  • Custom blocks/widgets for showing hot deals and trending products on PDP, PLP, sales, and home page.

Since the page speed was improved from 70 to 90+, they started expanding their catalog day by day. The sale has been significantly improved i.e 1.7x.

Data migration we did:

  • Complete catalog including categories and products
  • Products and categories attributes
  • Stores and their inventory
  • Existing customers of the website along with their password protection mechanism
  • Customer Addresses
  • Campaigns on the homepage and Tilbud page
  • Products and categories documents attachment
  • Status and delivery messages for existing products
  • Shipping rules based on different shipping methods
  • Ribbons attached to the products like Hot Selling products
  • There were some Energy Labels like A++, A+, or B categories that we migrated


  • Enhanced Security
  • Better performance
  • Improved scalability of the catalog
  • SEO Best practices
  • Handling high traffic
  • Advance analysis and reporting
  • Ability to easily integrate the third-party services
  • Easy customer management

Things we are doing now:

We are providing support for the website for the new features i.e, Business Central 365 and Relewise integration. The scope of the business is huge, and having dedicated resources is an important part of the eCommerce business.

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Our goal is to ensure that we provide innovative solutions for your website to make it stand out in the market.